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Just got Chiggers. The good kind.

The good kind is the graphic novel by Hope Larson. Been meaning to get a copy for a long time and mine finally showed up today.

It's stupid and silly and I'm embarrassed by it but here's the review I left at Amazon.com.

As if though some magic, Hope Larson has managed to transmute memory and nostalgia into a solid, hand-held item; not only her memory and her since of nostalgia but the very concepts of both. I'm sorry. I'm not even sure I'm making sense to myself.

It's just, there's something about her art and her writing and the flow of both that brings this story alive. It's as if she's reached into my head and put my own memories on paper before me. Yet, it's memories that are not mine, a past I never experienced, nostalgia for what I never had.

Granted, this is what nearly all books strive to do, and many do very well. However, if memory of younger, a little simpler times could be truly converted to ink on paper, I feel, it would look, read and flow much like this.

The story is short and easy to follow. However, it's the journey not the destination that matters. This is a journey easy to get pleasantly lost in; a book that is an enjoyable read, especially if you are, or ever where, a teenager.

Anyway, despite my weird review, it's a good book and worth checking out.